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If you’re looking for pristine white sand beaches and cerulean seas you will find them on Fraser Island, situated along the southern coast of Queensland, just north of Brisbane. A part of Great Sandy National Park, the island is about 120 kilometers long and 24 kilometers wide. The largest island in Queensland and the 6th largest island in Australia, Fraser Island was named a World Heritage site in 1992.


The history of this unique island is fascinating. The formation of the island dates back about 750,000 thousand years to the formation of volcanic bedrock. Sediment carried offshore by ocean gradually accumulated on top of this bedrock, forming a landmass. Today, Fraser Island is known as the largest sand island in the world. Much of the


Unlike many sand islands plant life on Fraser Island is abundant. The island is home to rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests, and wallum and peat swamps. Plant life is made possible because of naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi that is present in the sand. This fungi releases nutrients in a special form that can be absorbed my plants. The interior of the island is home to a number of freshwater creeks and lakes, which are home to numerous unique species of plant and fungi. Home to nearly 100 freshwater lakes, the island actually boasts the highest concentration of lakes in Australia after Tasmania. Many of the island’s lakes are actually window lakes, formed when the water table rises higher than the height of the surrounding land.

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Evidence suggests that Fraser Island has been inhabited for roughly 5,000 years. Explore James Cook landed on the island in 1770 and today it’s population is 194. However, an estimated 500,000 people visit the island every year. Whether you want to take a dip in a freshwater lake or lounge on the beach, Fraser Island is the perfect vacation spot.