Queensland Backpackers discover why Queensland is the best place to Learn to Scuba Dive

 learn to scuba dive

if you are not a certified scuba diver when you arrive in Queensland there are a load of wonderful reasons why you should be – the chance to scuba dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is certainly one not to be missed.

If you’re looking for scuba diving opportunities, there is no doubt you will find them in Queensland. The beautiful Great Barrier Reef is situated just off of Queensland’s coast, offering prime views of the reef’s colorful corals and beautiful wildlife. The ecology of the reef is truly stunning. Here you will find amazing schools of colorful fish, sea turtles, eels, water snakes, whales, So if you want to learn to scuba dive while you’re in Queensland, where should you head? Check out our guide below.




Cairns is pretty much Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef hotspot. This means that the options for scuba diving in the reef are varied. There are a number of tour companies, so you can easily go on multi-day excursion or take a simple, half-day diving trip.


Whitsunday Islands


It’s easy to get to the reefs from Whitsunday—you might even try going out in a sailboat, as the waters around the island are a world-renowned sailing spot. An added bonus? The Whitsunday Islands are beautiful in and of themselves and offer a whole range of accommodations, from basic camping grounds to luxurious resorts. In addition to scuba diving in some of the most amazing slices of reef, you can also visit virgin, uninhabited islands.


Port Douglas


Though Port Douglas is a bit more upscale than the other sports on our list, this resort town, situated just a bit north of Cairns, offers easy access to the Low Isles and Agincourt Reef. Agincourt Reef is especially stunning for divers. It is a type of reef known as ribbon reef, long, thin meandering stretches of reef that run along the outside of the Great Barrier Reef. They are also quite shallow, typically not more than between 15 meters and 20 meters deep, so they’re the perfect reef diving spots for beginners.




Whether you are a five star diver or a just a beginner getting started, if you’re looking for a diving gateway to the Great Barrier Reef you will find it at a Townsville, a world renowned spot among divers.


Lizard Island


Lizard Island is pretty far north, about 100km north of Cooktown. However, this gorgeous national park sprawls across 1000 hectares, boasting white sand beaches, beautiful patches of coral, and crystal-clear tropical waters. This is the perfect spot to learn to scuba dive as it is home to some of Australia’s best dive sites, including Cod Hole and Pixie Bommie. There is a five-star resort on the island, though camping is much more authentic and easier on the wallet. Keep in mind, however, if you’re planning on camping on the island you will need a permit.